Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Five fun Thanksgiving party game ideas by The Wonder, a playful space with classes and interactive experiences for kids (and adults too).

1. Make: Gratitude Pennants

Use fabric markers to draw or write what you’re thankful for on the Felt Leaves or Pink Knitted Flags.

2. Play: Gobble, Gobble, Thanks!

A seated version of Duck Duck Goose. Set a timer for 2 minutes. The youngest person at the table starts by picking up a Meri Meri Turkey Popper and saying “Gobble” to the person to their right as they pass the popper. That person passes the popper and says “Gobble” to the person to their right. That person can choose to keep the circle going by saying “Gobble” OR they can say “Thanks!” and passes the popper to the person across from them. Then the pattern continues to the right. Shorter variation: The person who ends up with the popper wins!

One Rule:

You have to say “Gobble” twice before you can say “Thanks!”. When the timer goes off, whoever is holding the popper is out. Repeat until there is one winner!

Shorter Variation:

The person who ends up with the popper wins!

3. Play: A Thankful Train

The oldest person at the table starts by saying “I am thankful for….” and saying one thing. The person to their right then says “I am thankful for (what person 1 said) and…..”. The next person repeats the first two items and adds their own. If someone forgets, the circle starts over! Try to make it all the way around the table or for an added challenge, keep playing and see how far you can go without someone forgetting!


For an added challenge, add items in alphabetical order (ex: “I am thankful for apple pie, beds to sleep in, candy, days off, etc).

4. Play: Conversation Cards

What’s your favorite?

Ask the group “What’s your favorite….(food, dessert, place to visit, animal, type of dinosaur, etc)”

Would you rather…?

Ask the group “Would you rather…. (put ketchup on your ice cream or chocolate syrup on your French fries?)

Have you ever…?

Ask the group “Have you ever…. (been to sky diving? Gone scuba diving? Eaten an octopus? etc)

Tell a joke.

Give a compliment.

Name Game

Go in a circle naming items in a category (ex: Let’s name…types of bugs!)

Give a clue

Give three clues about an object for the rest of the group to guess!

5. Touch: Sensory Bin Idea

Sensory Bins are a fun, tactile sensory experience where the kids can really dig their hands into the different materials inside the bins. Kids love our themed Wonderbins such as the dinosaur theme, a space theme, or Halloween theme. It’s something you can easily do at home - simply fill a large container with items like dried corn, beans, and rice. Add in some measuring cups and some Thanksgiving themed items like Turkey Surprise Balls and/or Pumpkin Surprise Balls.

For more fun ideas for kids, visit The Wonder.

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