Create an out-of-this-world space party

Make your little astronauts' dreams come true with an interstellar birthday blast-off. We’ve got some supersonic ideas just for you.

Transform the room into a space odyssey

Bring the awe-inspiring solar system into your home with colored cut-outs of the planets. Stick on the walls, or hang from the ceiling with ribbon or string. You can also hang up lots of shiny foil to create a space-age effect, or black sheets of card with shimmering silver foil stars. If you want to create an eerie alien atmosphere, then swap your light bulbs for blue or green colored ones - simple yet effective! We’ve got a brilliant decoration for you, such as our To The Moon garland, which features a host of bright 3D planets made with honeycomb paper, a rocket and lots of shiny stars.

Make amazing astronaut and robot costumes

Party guests will love to zoom around the room as astronauts or space-age robots, so set up a craft table to create some cosmic costumes (Do ask everyone you know for boxes and empty soda bottles, as you’re going to need loads!)

For an astronaut costume, with a helmet and jet pack with pretend flames, you’ll need:  small boxes for the helmets, empty soda bottles for the jetpacks, scissors, silver foil, silver tape, flexible plastic tubing and red, yellow and orange tissue paper. Here are the step-by-step instructions. 

For the robot costume, you’ll need big boxes for the bodies, square boxes for the heads, and smaller boxes for the hands. You’ll also need paper cups, scissors, large paper plates, paintbrushes, strong tape, pencils, and paints. Here is an excellent step-by-step.

Fun space games to play

One of our favorites is “Don’t Drop The Asteroid”. The aim of the game is for little space explorers to keep all the ‘asteroids’ (colored balloons) up in the air whilst the music is playing. When the music stops tell them to grab their nearest asteroid. Call out a color and whoever has an asteroid in that color needs to pop it and complete the challenge inside to win a prize. Go for silly space related challenges like ‘Do the moon walk across the floor’ or ‘Name as many planets as you can in 10 seconds’. You’ll need balloons of all different colors, and challenges to put inside them before you blow them up (or if you think balloon popping might be too noisy and scary, keep the challenges in a box for guests to pull out). For more brilliant game ideas, visit here

For space themed prizes, you’ll love our Sun & Moon temporary tattoos and our Moon and Star hair slides.

When playing music for games, or throughout the party, go for sensational space-themed songs. Check out our Meri Meri Spotify Space songs playlist.

Create an extraordinary party table 

After fun and games, it’s time to get your galactic guests to come back to earth for a space inspired meal. They’ll love our To The Moon range of plates, cups and napkins. Check out the very funky Robot plates!

Delight everyone with sumptuous space-themed party foods. Our favorites include: ‘alien juice’ (fruit smoothies to which you’ve blended in some green food colouring or a few handfuls of spinach – you won’t taste the green goodness, but it’ll create a startling color); ‘space slime’ (green jello); moon rocks (meringues); flying saucers (filled pitta breads cut into UFO shapes), and heavenly cupcakes, make them look extra special with our To The Moon cupcake kit

Check out here for more ideas.

Finish with a birthday cake that is so amazing, it’ll almost blow the birthday boy or girl into orbit!  To save time and energy on icing, see our fabulous To The Moon cake toppers 

Finally, send the tired little space adventurers off back to their home planet, happily clutching a robot party bag, filled with yummy treats and gifts. Mission impossible accomplished!