Free Craft Activity: Safari Skittle Game

A popular choice for children of all ages, a game of skittles simultaneously provides endless enjoyment and improves motor skills. The whole family can take part in this classic game, or your child and their friends can play together – we’ve created a DIY skittle game featuring adorable safari animal designs for you to make and play with!

You Will Need:

• A printer
• Scissors
• Paper
• Thin card
• Glue


Step 1: Print out the templates onto paper and glue the pages with the rectangle pieces for the animals' bodies onto thin card. Cut out the rectangle pieces and cut out the animal heads from the remaining sheet of paper.

Step 2: Curve the rectangles into a tube shape and glue along the guide shown.

Step 3: For the animal heads, firstly fold along all the dotted lines.

Step 4: For the elephant and rhino, fold them in half and then fold out the sides of the head at the crease line, folding the elephant ears out as well. Glue together the front sections, just up to the crease line.

Step 5: For the lion, cut along all the lines marked on the circular mane to create a fringing affect. Stick the lion’s face in the middle of the mane.

Step 6: For the zebra, fold down along the two creases on the nose and fold in the two tabs on the sides. These tabs will be used to attach the zebra head to the body. Glue just the end part of the nose together.

Then make the black mane by folding the mane piece in half and glue together just the black section, folding out the two white tabs at the bottom. Cut along each of the lines marked on the black section to create a fringe effect.

Slide the mane into the slot on the head of the zebra and glue down the tabs on the underside to hold it in place.

Step 7: Pair the animal heads with their matching bodies and glue into place. Line up the skittles, grab a ball, and get ready to play!

Safari Theme Party

Now that you’re created a safari skittle game, incorporate this craft into your safari theme party! Perfect for kids who love lions, elephants, and giraffes or a day out to the zoo, this party theme features plenty of exciting illustrations and bold colors. Here are some top tips for creating the best safari party for your animal-mad kids:

• Organize your invites: use Meri Meri’s adorable digital invitation featuring watercolor animal designs to invite your guests to your safari theme party. It’s time to get wild!
• Create a safari backdrop ready for your party animals using our Safari Garland and Cheetah Balloons, perfect for a roarsome photo shoot.
• Construct a wow-factor party table using our animal print plates and cups alongside tableware featuring various animal designs, including cheetahs, lions, and elephants. Little explorers will adore these gorgeous animal illustrations.
• Make a temporary tattoo station for kids to use and offer them our Wild Animals Tattoo Sheets – they’ll feel fierce with these awesome accessories!
• Don’t forget the food! Safari cupcakes created with our wild animal cake toppers will go down a treat with both kids and adults, and pair with plenty of yummy vegetables that the elephants would eat on a safari.

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