Time to Party with Madison Fisher

The actor and influencer Madison Fisher lives with her husband, singer Kyler Steven Fisher, and their five children Taytum, Oakley, Halston, Oliver and Cohen in Utah.

Tell us a little about your interests and inspiration...

Well, I think I’ve just stayed a kid forever. My favorite things to do aren’t typical mom things! I love everything the girls love; Disney, Barbies, capes and playhouses. It makes me so happy sharing what I grew up loving with my girls. The fact that they enjoy those things on their own too just brings me so much joy.

How do you and your family prepare for parties?

I love finding inspiration from Pinterest and style blogs, but Meri Meri has truly inspired the entire stage room I built for my kids.

First, I like to put myself in the shoes of whoever’s party I am planning. For example, Halston is very mature and fancy, so I recently planned a Halston & Co themed party, inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I worked with certain party planners to help bring my vision to life. I have an app on my iPad and I love to draw out the party in my pro creation app. I’ll hire someone for cakes, balloons, ball pits, custom acrylic cut outs, jump houses, cotton candy and fun backdrops. With all of my parties I find myself using Meri Meri partyware. I did an entire woodland lake theme for Oliver’s 1st birthday and was able to incorporate the woodland adventures theme items. Then for Oliver’s 2nd birthday I used almost all of the dinosaurs theme. One of my all time favorite parties was the twins 6th birthday last year. It was a Love Shack fancy/English garden theme.

What are your own childhood memories of parties?

My mom always went above and beyond. She goes full out for parties, so I think that’s where I get it from. My birthday is right before Christmas, so each year we would stay in a hotel with 20 of my best friends. We would all sport matching Christmas PJs. I just remember those moments so clearly as some of my happiest times. I hope to help create those moments for my kids too!

How much do the kids like to dress up?

My kids have the biggest imaginations. They’ll dress up even if it’s not Halloween. The other week for example, Kyler and I were in hysterics because each of them came down in random costumes. They love putting on shows in the stage room, which is why we have tons of the Meri Meri party capes for them to expand their imaginations. We have a huge costume box full of accessories. I think it helps that Kyler and I are both heavily into the arts, so we fully support our kids playing dress up any day of the week.

Any favorite pieces?

I love them all! We have so many costumes, Oliver loves the Shark cape, Halston loves the parrot cape, Taytum loves the swan, and Oakley loves the superhero cape! Cohen looks so cute in the little octopus one. Kyler and I are big fans of Meri Meri!

What's your attitude to decorations? Less is more or the more the better?

I think it depends on what type of party it is. There’s a certain style where more is better, but also sometimes simplicity is key.

What's your favorite celebration of the year?

I love them all for different reasons, but I think I feel most happy during Christmastime!

Tell us how the kids get involved? Do they make any special decorations?

I usually surprise the kids with their birthday parties. I think it’s more fun for them to show up and see what I’ve created. As they get older, I would love for them to be more hands on and help. We do so many other types of crafts and imaginative play where they create every day though.

Your number one party tip?

Don’t forget to have fun! Often, the host is so busy running around making sure everything is perfect and everyone is entertained. Sometimes when the party is over I feel I had missed some special moments. So lately I’ve been trying to focus on being super present during parties. And once it starts, to let all the stress go and just enjoy it.

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