5 Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking for Halloween party ideas for kids, of all ages, we’ve got ideas to thrill and chill you.

There’s so much fun to be had at Halloween, especially when you choose activities that suit all your family members’ age and activity levels. Why not host a movie night, music and dancing, marvelous mocktails or a fun pumpkin carving session?

1. Halloween Dance Party

A dance party, filled with statement Halloween party decorations, is a great way for kids to burn off all those sugary treats and show off their zombie dance moves. Get everyone on the dance floor by creating a playlist with a mix of classic and modern Halloween songs. A great way to make your party room look instantly dance-tastic is with Halloween garlands – put them on walls, in doorways, or drape on your party table. If you want a show-stopping ghoulish garland to dance around then our eyeball balloon garland, with 40 balloons in two sizes and eyeball stickers, is a must!


2. Halloween Mocktail Hour

Mocktails are the ultimate kids’ party drinks, they look amazing and taste even better. Here are three we just know will be a Halloween hit, especially if you serve them our sensational 3D Halloween Honeycomb Cups.

Pumpkin Surprise (serves 2). A mix of pumpkin, pear and ginger gives a fruity drink with a surprise spicy kick. Cut 1.8oz pumpkin, peeled and deseeded, into small chunks and put in a blender along with 1 ripe pear, 8.5fl oz orange juice, 0.4inch slice of ginger and 3.4 fl oz cold water. Blend until smooth.

Scary Swamp Juice (serves 4). Mix 20 fl oz orange juice with a few drops of green liquid food colouring, to get a swamp water effect. Pour into a clear glass or plastic jug, filled with lots of ice, then pour 8 tsp grenadine down the side, so it sinks to the base. You can then decorate the jug with jelly snakes hanging over the side.

Eerie ‘Eyeball’ Punch (serves 15). Drain a 15 oz can of lychees and a 8 oz jar of cocktail cherries, reserving the juices. Get 15 raisins and push one into the end of each cherry, then push the cherries into the lychees to make ‘eyeballs’. Tip 34 fl oz purple grape juice and 34 fl oz cherry juice, along with the reserved juices, into a large bowl. Add the ‘eyeballs’ and 34 fl oz cold sparkling water.


3. Halloween Treasure Hunt

The key to a really good hunt is lots of fun rhyming clues and hiding places (if clue making isn’t your thing, why not try a Halloween scavenger hunt instead? Simply give the kids a list of Halloween related things to find and a time limit). The number of clues you give depends on the kids’ ages – the older they are the longer the hunt can be. Here are five treasure hunt clue ideas to get you started:

• Listen carefully, can you hear a Halloween ghost, the next clue is where you make your toast? (put the clue under the toaster).

• Your next clue can easily be found, in a bowl with yummy food that’s orange, juicy and round (put the clue under oranges in the fruit bowl).

• Don’t think twice, your next clue is hiding in the cold place with the ice (put the clue in the freezer by the ice cubes).

• You wipe your feet on it when you come inside, take a look under this for your next clue to find (put the clue under the mat).

• You’ve just one place left to look, find the treasure behind the big scary book (put the treasure behind a Halloween book on a bookshelf).

• Great Halloween treasure trove ideas are bags of treats, small Halloween toys, or our fabulous Halloween temporary tattoos.


4. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Get kids and adults working together in Halloween harmony to create amazing creative results. The easiest and safest way is to use templates. There are loads on the internet you can print off, or check out our pumpkin decorating kit, which includes 4 large and 4 small templates and 3 sheets of Halloween temporary tattoos (pop them onto your pumpkins, or they look great on the skin too!). Or, you can use cookie cutters, like our Halloween cookie cutters, to gently indent onto the pumpkin, to create a pattern to trace with a carving tool. Don’t forget to save the pumpkin flesh to make yummy pumpkin soup or muffins with afterwards!


5. Halloween Movie Night

Kids love to be (gently) frightened – that rush of adrenaline and who can shriek the loudest is such fun! Research shows it’s actually ok for kids to be scared as it helps build resilience – but only if done in an age appropriate way. Watching a U or PG Halloween movie can therefore be developmental, as well as entertaining, for younger Halloween celebrators. Don’t forget to make the night even more special by serving movie snacks with a Halloween theme, like cupcakes with green or black icing topped with edible eye shapes. They’ll look even better when served on our Halloween plates – choose from potion bottles, groovy Halloween icons, adorable pink and orange pumpkins and more.

Here are 5 of our favourite Halloween movies for kids, that are perfect for sleepovers:

• Hotel Transylvania (and sequels), U rating

• Hocus Pocus (or the new Hocus Pocus 2), PG ratin

• E.T The Extra- Terrestrial, PG Rating

• Casper, PG Rating;

• Halloweentown, U rating (and sequels)


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