3 Trending Summer Party Theme Ideas

Sun block. School holidays. Sandy feet. The height of summer is here. You’re probably ready to throw a celebration that’s extra special. That’s why we’ve rounded up the newest and most original party themes - one’s that tap into the hottest trends of the moment and are sure to wow your guests.

Mushroom Wonderland Party

Spring’s most-wanted microtrend? The mushroom! From fungi-shaped lawn sculptures trending on TikTok, to home décor by top designer John Derian and catwalk creations by Iris van Herpen, mushrooms are the world’s most unlikely new design obsession. Bring this trend to your next party with a fantasy woodland theme full of magical toadstools and fairies.

Decorate... multicolour mushroom garlands, toadstool tableware and pink blossom crowns for each guest.

Eat... Parents and kids will love these mini caprese toadstools - tasty and super cute. If you’re after something a little sweeter try some Ferrero Rocher marshallow mushrooms - so easy to make with only two ingredients.

Play... ‘Fairy Dust Relay’: give two teams a sandbox filled with pink sand. Each player must run to their box, scoop out a spoonful and carry it back to their bottle, spilling as little as possible. The first team to fill their bottle wins.

Happy Camper Party

Whether your camping style is Coachella-style glamper or more Bear Grylls in nature, embrace the great outdoors (and save on cleaning the house) with a camping party.  Create a ‘glampsite’ in your garden with bell tents, mountains of cushions and old-fashioned campfire games. Charity shops are a great place to find used tents and camping gear.

Decorate... Look to our Woodland Adventurers collection for tableware and décor inspired by camping trips - starring friendly brown bears, buzzy bees and forest trees. 

Eat... BBQ with mini burgers and hot dogs followed by toasted marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate.

Wear... Bear Grylls Adventure or Coachella Chic. Don’t forget your favourite cosy PJs and stylish backpack for all those camping essentials (have you seen our Ladybird Backpack?)

Play... ‘Telephone’: players sit in a circle around the campfire and whisper a message from person to person. The last player says the (now incomprehensible) message out loud with hilarious results.

The Tropical Fantasy  

Are you dreaming of a beach holiday this summer?  Why not create a faraway tropical land at home? Throw a party full of neon colours, tropical fruit motifs and jungle animals for pure escapism!

Decorate... Lay the table with toucans and slithery snakes, hang leafy jungle garlands, and pump up the snappy croc balloon – this party is wild!

Eat... Tropical fruit on cocktail sticks, virgin coladas and coconut cake.

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