A Fabulous Fairy Party

If your little one loves to pretend to be a fairy, or simply adores all things magical, then this is a brilliant party theme for them.  Here are four of our favorite ideas to make the party fairy fantastic!

1. Fairy party invitations

Make your own with images of famous fairies, like Tinkerbell, The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio or The Three Good Fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather) from Sleeping Beauty. Or, make them extra special with printed customization at Paperless Post. Choose a beautiful Meri Meri fairy design, add the details you want, then place your order – simple!

2. Fairy costumes

As a special gift, for the birthday girl, present her with a fairy dress up kit (like ours) so she can look amazing at her party. Why not delight all her party guests by gifting them with wings as they arrive? Then have fairy crown and wand making as fabulous party craft activities.


A simple way to make them, as seen here, is with coat hangers and stockings, or you can create them from paper, glitter and ribbons.


Lots of paper flowers are necessary if you want to make flower fairy crowns. Download our paper flower template and instructions to make your own. You’ll need different colors of crepe or tissue paper, scissors and clear elastic hair bands to make the flowers, ribbons for the crown, and craft needles to thread the flowers onto the ribbons. If you don’t have enough time or space for this craft activity, check out our brilliant pink glitter crowns.


Download the template here and get making!



All fairies need a wand for spell casting! To make them, you’ll need a star shaped stencil cut out of cardboard, colored card, scissors, tacky glue, 12-18 inch long wooden dowels, glitter pens and stickers. Use the star shape stencil to draw two star outlines onto the colored card, then carefully cut them out (adults are best to do this!). Stick the stars onto the wooden dowel – one onto the front and the other stuck to the back of it. Decorate both sides  with lots of glitter and/or stickers. You can also buy ready made wands, like our gorgeous glitter wands, which will look amazing placed next to table settings, ready to wave when needed!

3. Fairy party food

Little fairies will love to delicately nibble on foods that are pretty and tasty, like these:

  • Yummy toadstools. Simply balance slices of red apple (drizzle the flesh side with a little lemon juice to stop it turning brown) on top of white marshmallows for an instant toadstool effect.

  • Edible fairy wands. Thread several red and/or green grapes in a row on a wooden skewer and top with a fruit star-shape (cut out from watermelon or pineapple). Remember to cut the ends off the skewers for safety.
  • Fairy cupcakes. No fairy party would be complete without cupcakes, with pink glittery frosting and presented with fairy themed toppers that will look so special, you could use our fairy cupcake kit.

For extra effect serve all the party food on fairy themed tableware.

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