Enjoy a Musical Summer Party

Musical sessions, with homemade instruments, are guaranteed to make your summer parties extra enjoyable. Our talented design team have created a delightful little drum for your kids to make and play. We also share our favorite summer songs to sing and drum along to.

Make a Delightful Drum

This fabulous spinning drum will create a sensational beat. Perfect for party fun. You have a choice of a colored drum, or go for the plain version which you can color in with your favorite colors.

You Will Need:

• A printer
• Paper/Card (if you use paper, glue it onto thin card like an old cereal packet)
• Scissors
• Glue
• Sticky tape
• A paper straw (we’ve got a great choice of striped or shiny straws, see here)
• Thin cord or string (approximately 6 inches long)
• 2 beads (or you could use buttons)
• A skewer/pencil
• Putty (for making the holes in the card)
• Coloring pencils or pens to use on the coloring version (optional)


Step 1: Print and cut out the 3 pieces.

Step 2: Make the holes in the long piece of card by placing some putty underneath the printed X’s and pushing a skewer or pencil through. Small holes are needed, big enough to thread the cord/string through and a large hole in the middle big enough to push the straw through.

Step 3: Cut your cord/string in half so you have two 3 inch long pieces. Thread them both into the small holes and tape a small amount of the cord/string in place on the inside.

Step 4: Push about 1 inch of the straw into the big hole and cut three small slits into the end of the straw that has been pushed in. Flatten out the slits and securely stick them down flat to the card strip using tape.

Step 5: Fold down all the flaps along the two sides of the card strip and curve the whole thing round into a circle shape. Glue or tape it in place.

Step 6: Add glue to the tabs and stick the card circles onto both sides and stick firmly in place.

Step 7: Finally thread a bead or button onto the ends of the cord/string. Tie a big knot at the ends to avoid the bead/button coming off and the drum is ready to spin!

Summer of fun play list

A wonderful way to really enjoy the summer of 2020 is to have a fabulous play list whilst you party. Listen, sing or play along with your drum. 

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