Sensational Sandwich Make

Your kids will love to pretend to have their own deli– taking everyone’s orders and then making a ‘meal’ to remember. Our clever designers have created menus and lots of food items to print out and play with. We also share our favorite party sandwich ideas.

Order, Create and Serve

The fabulous foods include bread, tomato, lettuce, turkey, roast beef, bacon, avocado, peanut butter, strawberry jelly, tuna, cheese, pickles, cucumber, a fried egg, mayo, tomato ketchup and there’s even a ‘knife’ to use. Perfect for culinary creativity.

Click here to download the templates

Simply print out all the menus and food items onto card (or print onto paper and then glue onto card), cut them out and get ready for fun.Why not get your kids some paper party plates and napkins to serve their ‘food’ on too? We’ve got fabulous ranges to choose from with amazing designs and all the colors of the rainbow.


Perfect Party Sandwich Ideas

If playing with pretend sandwiches has made everyone hungry, it’s time to rustle up some of the real thing. Here are three ways to make them with a difference to turn the meal into a party!

1. Make works of art

With the clever use of ingredients you can make sandwiches look like charming creations. We love these crazy crab and sailboat sandwiches, these woodland animal sandwiches, and this remarkable race car sandwich

2. Shape them up

Transform a humble sandwich into a special shape to really delight the kids. Do this with your favorite cookie cutters, or cut them with a knife. We’ve got a great stainless steel cookie cutter range, including a unicorn, sausage dog and flowers.

3. Switch up your sandwich type

A sandwich doesn’t just have to have 2 slices of bread. Why not try an open sandwich, pinwheel or a multi-tiered variety where you use a selection of different breads and fillings? Go here for more information.