Sensational Safari!

Sensational Safari!

Children love animals and adventure, so having a safari party will be absolutely amazing for them! Why not transform your party room into a fabulous jungle with safari-themed music, party games and party food? We reveal some of the best decorations, music, games and tasty treats.

It’s a jungle out there!

  • Place animal prints from outside into the safari party zone. You can either draw or cut out these out on card, or use chalk.
  • Hang sheets of green paper on the walls. Make vines out of twisted brown kraft paper or brown grocery sacks, and attach large green paper-shaped leaves.
  • Mix some rubber snakes and jungle toy animals, or animal balloons, into your décor. You’ll love our large cheetah and crocodile foil balloons, and our fabulous monkeyleopard and zebra knitted organic cotton toys.
  • Or, you can make your safari party really on trend by having lots of metallic fringed garlands and bright colors by the party food table and in the house!
  • Invite guests to the watering hole to meet the “animals” and have a drink. Place blue card or blue plastic on the floor and surround it with large safari animal cut outs or print out images of animals.
  • You can also place toy jeeps and sand here too. Serve up cups of yummy “safari swamp water” (see the party food ideas section).

Jungle boogie 

Music is essential to get everyone into a party mood, and it’s a great idea to choose songs that have a safari and jungle theme. We’ve put together a list of some fabulous tunes for you, check this out on Spotify.

You might also want to create a roaring soundtrack for your party too. Ask all the kids to make their favorite animal sound as they arrive at the party, record them and then play them back as a soundtrack when it’s time for games – or you can use this as a game itself ‘Guess who made the animal noise’. Voice Recorder, is a really good app to try, it works on IOS and Android.

Silly safari games

Here are four fun games we just know kids will love to play.

Monkey, monkey, tiger.

Get the kids to sit in a circle on the floor. The birthday boy or girl, also known as the “patter”, starts by walking around the outside of the circle and patting the head of each child. Each time they pat a head they shout out “monkey”. Then, out of the blue, they shout “tiger” as they pat someone. The patter then runs clockwise and tries to sit down before the tiger catches them. If the tiger tags the patter then the tiger gets to sit back down and the patter starts again. If the tiger doesn’t tag the patter, then the tiger becomes the patter and the game starts again. Continue for either a time limit, or until everyone has had a chance to be the patter.

Animal scavenger hunt.

Buy a big bag of plastic animals, or draw animals onto card, and hide them around the house and/or in the garden. Get the kids to put on their safari hats, grab their binoculars and go on the hunt. Give them a time limit to see how many animals they can find (you can give them a list to tick off if you want too). The winners will go in order of who has found the most animals in the time limit, with prizes for everyone. Temporary tattoos make great prizes, you’ll love our Safari Trek Large Tattoos, with lots of shimmering silver detail.

Termite, vulture, rhinoceros.

Name the kids as “termites”, “vultures” or “rhinoceros”. Put on some music and get the party guests to move, like their animals would do, around the room. When an adult shouts out “danger” they have to find safety to protect themselves. Termites need a chair to stand on, vultures lie flat on the ground and rhinoceroses have to flatten themselves against a wall. The last person to assume their animals’ position is out of the game. The adult shouts out “carry on” and the game repeats. The person who was the last animal to find safety can now shout out “danger”. Continue until one person, the winner, is left.

Sensational safari party food ideas

Here are some food suggestions that are tasty and fun!  For an extra touch, serve them on our new Animal Print or Cheetah plates, with coordinating cups and napkins and pop our crocodile, flamingo or cheetah piñata party favor, piñatas, all filled with confetti and temporary tattoos with room for extra treats, next to each place setting.

Zebra doughnuts.

Simply drizzle black and white royal icing stripes onto the tops of ringed doughnuts to create a stunning zebra print effect.

Animal print pizzas.

Make your own pizzas using alternates of white, yellow and orange cheese stripes, and black olives, to look like an animal print.

Peanut butter and “jellyphant” sandwiches.

Cut out the sandwiches with elephant cutters.

Safari cupcakes.

Add swirls of frosting to cupcakes and top with plastic animals or creative paper animal toppers, like our fabulous Safari Animals Cupcake Kit, which features striped cupcake cases and animal designed toppers with gold foil and tassel details.

Savory snakes.

Make multiple diagonal cuts into hot dogs, three quarters of the way through, and fill the slits with ketchup, mustard and relish.

Crocodile eyeballs and guts (also known as spaghetti and meatballs).

Kids love gross sounding meals!

Safari swamp water.

Simply mix limeade, pineapple juice and Sprite or Seven Up together for a delicious green mocktail. Either mix the drinks individually, or make a punchbowl, in which you can float plastic or gummy crocodiles.

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