Make your own Giffords Circus Ring

Gravity-defying acrobats, mischievous clowns, bareback horse riders and thoughtful creative direction... Giffords Circus is a breath-taking spectacular of diverse talent. Originally homegrown in the Cotswolds, the circus now tours the country and is loved by British celebrities like Stella McCartney, Helena Bonham Carter and Lily Allen.

We’ve teamed up with the circus to create this fun paper craft to make at home – free to download now.

You Will Need:

• A printer
• Thin card stock
• Scissors
• Glue or double-sided tape


1. Cut out all of the pieces and along the slits.

2. Use glue to stick the large pieces together (as shown by the glue tabs).

3. For Tweedy the Clown’s wheel, the Platform Base and the Hula Hoops, bend into a circle shape and glue into place.

4. For everything else, slot together as shown in the photos.

More Tips:

- For Tweedy the Clown, fold his body and legs along the dashed lines and stick his hands and feet inside the wheel.

- For the dog, fold the tab backwards to make a stand to balance on the platform.

- Balance the acrobat in different positions on the horse.

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