Free Craft Activity: Make the Perfect Princess Castle

Little people who adore imaginative princess adventures will love to make and play with our excellent egg carton princess castle and accessories. Created for you by our talented designers, it will lead to hours of magical fun, either with friends or alone. We also share wonderful ways your kids can dress up as princesses too.

Our princess castle craft includes an elegant castle, four princesses, royal pets, an enchanting unicorn, a swan, lake, apple tree, mirror, and a fairy-tale carriage.


You Will Need:

• Scissors
• Card
• Glue
• Double-sided tape (optional)
• Craft knife
• Push pin and tack
• Pencil
• String or rope
• Darning needle
• Egg carton base

How To Make:

Step 1:

Print out the template onto card and then carefully cut out the windows and around the door using a craft knife. Make sure you leave the bottom of the door attached.

Step 2:

Fold down the door and glue the separate door piece onto the back, to make it double sided.

Step 3:

Punch holes in the front of the castle and through the door (use a push pin with a piece of tack behind, and then extend the hole with a pencil).

Cut two pieces of string or rope that are 6 inches long. Thread them through the front of the castle and the door and then knot each end. This will create a drawbridge.

Step 4:

Fold the tabs on the front and back of the castle and attach the sides using glue. You can now place the egg carton in the back.

Step 5:

Set the scene. Will your princesses spend time in their castle or on the grounds, and will they visit their unicorn friend or swan?

Look Like a Beautiful Princess

Your kids will delight in dressing up as royalty whilst they play with their castle. Here are some clever ways to look princess perfect:

• Wear a long, floaty tulle skirt. You can either simply tie tulle around your waist, or make a swishy skirt with thread, and a helpful tutorial can be found here.

• Don an aristocratic cape. Tie a piece of soft fabric, such as velvet or tulle, loosely around your neck or choose our sparkling Pink Tulle Star Cape for an alternative that will become a dressing-up box staple!

• Embrace hair accessories, crowns, and tiaras! We have a collection of sumptuous hair accessories, such as our Unicorn Enamel Hair Slides or Magical Princess Party Hats that your little ones will adore.

Smooth your hair into a classic bun, or a neat plait, ready for hair accessories or royal headwear.

• If you prefer, you can buy ready-made princess costumes, like our Magical Princess Costume which comes with a gorgeous tulle dress and hat that shimmer beautifully. Or our Rainbow Ruffle Princess Costume is an opulent and dreamy costume that incorporates pastel tulle with glittering accessories.

Party Like Royalty

The best way to delight little ones who dream of fairy-tale adventures, beautiful princesses, and charming heroes, is to throw a princess party!

Pink and purple decorations alongside shimmering garlands are a sure-fire way to create a whimsical atmosphere, and picking the right tableware will add the perfect finishing touch – with our Dusky Pink or Periwinkle Plates, combined with our Princess Napkins, you’ll host the most stylish party of the year.

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