Make The Perfect Pirate Ship

Ahoy me hearties! Little people who enjoy swashbuckling adventures will love to make, and play with, our excellent egg box pirate ship and accessories. Especially designed for you by our talented designers, it’ll give hours of ship-shape fun. We also share wonderful ways your kids can dress up as pirates too. 

Set Sail On The Seas

Our pirate craft make includes a sensational ship with pirates, a treasure chest, crocodile, shark, snake, skull, palm tree and an authentic looking treasure map.

Download Pirate Ship


Click here for the templates to print out onto card (or paper which can then be glued onto card).   



You will need scissors to cut out the pieces, glue, tape (optional), a wooden skewer, a push pin, a pencil or a darning needle, plasticine or tack, string, a needle to thread the string and an egg box base.

 Step 1:

Fold the side pieces of the ship as shown.

Step 2:

Bend the side pieces around the base of an egg box. Put a small bit of glue or tape at the front to secure, and glue on the back panel.


Step 3:

Punch holes in the sail (use a push pin with a lump of tack behind, and then extend the hole with a pencil, or a darning needle would also work) and slide the wooden skewer through. Cut a piece of string 24 inches long. Fold it in half and knot it onto the skewer above the sail. Fold the flag in half and glue it onto the end of the skewer.


Step 4:

Push the skewer into the middle of the egg box to create a mast (you can also use a lump of tac or plasticine to make it really secure).

Punch holes into the front and back of the ship using the printed circles as a guide. Thread the string through the holes, using a needle and tie in a knot.

You can add extra details by tying on the anchor or using a pin to attach the steering wheel.

Step 5:

Set the scene for adventure! Arrange all the pieces and write their names onto the treasure map. Cut out the pirates and pop them into the ship or onto land.



Transform into a pirate

Kids may well want to dress up as pirates whilst playing with their pirate ship. Here are some fun ideas for them to do this. 

  • Striped long or short-sleeved t-shirts are a must. If they don’t have any, then how about adding stripes onto an old t-shirt with permanent markers?

  • Pirate captains look great with a special hat, which you can adorn with feathers and  fearsome skull-and-crossbones. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to make different styles or if you want a ready-made hat check out our Pirate Bounty Party Hats 


  • An essential pirate must-have is a telescope to keep an eye out for other ships and treasure. Click here for a simple guide on how to make one  

  • All pirates need a shiny cutlass to wave around. You can easily make one from cardboard and wrap it in silver duct tape, or paint it with silver paint or color with a silver metallic pen.



We’ve got a fantastic range of Pirate Party Supplies, so if you want to hold a pirate party for your kids, do take a look!