Kid's Craft Activity: Festive Paper Chains

The festive cheer starts with the decorating! So why not get the whole family involved by making your own paper chains? Our craft download is a fun (and free) way to make it easy for all ages - with super-professional results!

You Will Need:

Scissors or scalpel
Glue or Tape


1. Print the template and cut out the strips using your scissors or scalpel. Each strip has a tab and a slot for easy assembly, but you could also cut off the tabs and glue or tape the strips together.

2. Choose your design. Each link is double sided, so you can have a pattern or a colour on the outside, or alternate between the two!

3. Join all the links together to make the chain and decorate your home. We love paper chains hung above a colourful tablescape or draped across the Christmas tree.

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