Hello Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

Celebrate the release of the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie with a party fit for a thoroughly modern doll.

The wait is over – the new Barbie movie is finally here, and it’s so much fun! The film is based on many of the Barbie characters created since this fabulous doll first hit the shelves way back in 1959. Barbies have been made with over 200 careers, from president, astronaut to zoologist, to give girls around the world inspirational role models.

We also love the way the Barbie brand continually strives to create dolls that are inclusive. The Barbie Fashionistas line has introduced more than 175 looks with a variety in skin tones, hair textures, body diversity and dolls reflecting people with disabilities. In fact, they recently unveiled their first ever doll with Down’s syndrome in a campaign with British model Ellie Goldstein.

Barbie have also released findings which show that doll playtime gives children more benefits than just a happy time. A study from Cardiff University found that playing with dolls allows children to develop empathy and social information processing skills. Doll play activates brain regions which are associated with social information processing and empathy, indicating that doll play enables children to rehearse, use and perform these skills even when playing on their own.

Here are 5 of our favourite Barbies from the film, with ideas on how you can throw the perfect Barbie party

1. Old Hollywood Glamour

Margot Robbie’s Barbie harkens back to Barbie’s 1959 debut, when she paid tribute to the Old Hollywood glamour of 1950s icons like Rita Hayworth (see Barbie’s 1959 Teenage Fashion Model Barbie). We think this Barbie would love a luxurious party. Throw one with our sumptuous Ladurée range. We’ve collaborated with these Parisian patisserie and macaron-making pros to create exquisite tableware and gold dipped candles, in stylish pastel colours worthy of a screen goddess! Or, you might simply want a pink party, the colour back in style and so often associated with Barbie.


2. Mermaid

Dua Lipa’s mermaid Barbie is marvellous with her glossy azure blue hair and shimmering, iridescent tail. For a Barbie Mermaid doll of your own take a look at Barbie’s 2011 Barbie A Mermaid Tale 2. Have an under-the-sea party to remember with our Mermaid party range. Transform any space into an underwater world with room decorations, party favours and tableware. Or you can dress up as a mermaid, for lots of pretend splishing and splashing, with our mermaid costume featuring a crop top and a wrap with tail detail with iridescent sequins. Plus, see our article on how to throw a Mermaid party.


3. Physicist

Emma Mackay’s Barbie is a proud Nobel Prize winning physicist. Physicists study matter and energy and everything to do with the universe, so we think a space themed party is the ideal fit! Our space party supplies include Honeycomb planet garlands, cosmic balloon displays and inky galactic illustrations which are out of this world. For an awe-inspiring Barbie doll to play with check out the 2019 Barbie National Geographic Career Doll or the 1986 Astronaut.


4. President

Issa Rae’s Barbie is President in the film. As well as being a busy powerful woman, we like to think that politician Barbie will still have time to have a party with her colleagues, friends and family. A chic garden party with a striking balloon arch would be just perfect. In real life, Barbie has been running for office since 1992, and during the 2020 presidential race the toy company released a Black Barbie candidate dressed in a stylish pant suit.


5. Author

Alexandra Shipp's Barbie character is a celebrated author. All authors need notebooks to keep their ideas jotted down in, so budding writers coming to your Barbie party will love our colourful selection as a gift. Or why not get one for you and your Barbie to create book ideas together? Barbie celebrated the wonderful author Maya Angelou with their Maya Angelou doll added to their Inspiring Women series in 2021.


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