Flying Fun

Little boys and girls love to pretend to fly, whether it’s by dressing up as a rocket to zoom to the moon, or wearing a superman or superwoman cape. Playing with toys that fly is also amazing fun. So, our designers have created a special napkin parachute for your kids to make.

Make A Napkin Parachute

Fling it out the window and watch with delight as it floats to the ground. Or throw it up in the air in the garden and see how far the breeze will carry it.

You Will Need:

• A pack of napkins
• Some toy figures
• String
• Tape
• Needle or cocktail stick (to make a hole)

1. Unfold your napkin and use the needle or cocktail stick to make a hole in each of the four corners.

2. Cut your string into 4 even lengths and thread through each of the 4 holes, tying a knot. Secure by placing a piece of tape over each hole.

3. Attach the strings to your chosen figure by taking 2 strings at a time, knotting them and then tying around your figure to create a harness.

4. You’re done – make as many as you like, then take outside and let them fly!

3 More Aerodynamic Adventure Ideas
1. Rocket costumes and toys

Use cardboard, paper, and paint to transform your kids into a rocket. They will have a fabulous time putting it together and decorating it too. Here are instructions for a really fantastic costume. Or they might prefer to craft a paper rocket to whizz around the room. Here’s a brilliant video showing how to make one.

2. Paper aeroplanes

This craft has amused children for generations. So simple, yet so effective. It’s all about getting the right paper folding technique. Click here to find out how to make several excellent designs. Kids will love to individualise each of their aeroplanes with stickers or drawings, and then have competitions to see whose flies the furthest.

3. Hot Air Balloon

Take your laundry basket, or any large woven or storage basket you have, and decorate it with bunting or garlands, then tie on lots of balloons (if you’ve got helium that will work best to make the balloons float better). Your little people can hop in and imagine they are flying up into the air on an adventure. Even better, get them to make toilet paper roll binoculars first so they can gaze out on the world! Here’s how to really make the ‘journey’ super enjoyable, pack them a picnic lunch to munch on whilst they sail away.

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