Free Craft Activity: Cute Easter Baskets

These Easter treat baskets are perfect for an Easter craft day with friends and family.

See our videos on TikTok and Instagram for details on how to assemble these Easter Baskets.


Spring is in the air and Easter is on its way! It’s also the perfect excuse to arrange some quality family time and fun activities at home. These sweet paper baskets are perfect for Easter egg hunts or can be filled with sweet treats and gifts for friends or teachers.

You Will Need:

Paper or lightweight card
Glue stick

How to Make:

Learn how to make our Easter baskets by following our step-by-step video (links above) or by following the instructions below. Happy folding!

1. Choose your basket template and cut out a basket square and handle.

2. With the basket square facing white side upwards, carefully make a diagonal fold from one corner. Open and then repeat with the opposite corner. Open it again. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom, open, and repeat left to right.

3. Take one corner and fold it into the central point. Then repeat with the opposite corner so they meet in the middle.

4. Now fold the two triangles in half so they make a trapezium shape and line up along the center line.

5. Unfold this so that you are back to one white square. These folds will help to shape your basket and make the final stage easier and neater!

6. Repeat Step 3 and 4 with the opposite corners. These will form the sides of your basket.

7. With the two folded sides upright, lift one of the flat corner triangles up and over the paper edges. Smooth the edges to create one end of your box. This step is tricky – the video guide will help.

8. Repeat with the opposite side. Now you have a basket!

9. Glue the end tabs on the handle and stick to the inside of the basket.

10. Choose your basket accessories and attach them with glue.

11. Add a gift tag by carefully punching a hole and tying it with thread.

12. Now fill your basket with foiled chocolate eggs, mini Easter cakes or cookies. You can line the basket with tissue paper or shredded paper if you wish.


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