Create a Magical Knight’s Castle

Kids will love our specially designed knight’s castle. Fun to make and even more fun to have adventures with. We also share our favorite ideas for a dashing knight’s party.

To Make The Knight’s Castle

This magical castle comes with 2 knights on horseback, a sword-wielding knight, a knight with a crossbow, flags, a dastardly dragon and castle ground scenery including a tree and 2 rabbits.Click here to print it out onto card (or paper which can then be stuck onto card).

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double sided tape (optional)
  • Craft knife
  • Push pin and tack
  • Pencil
  • String or rope
  • Darning needle
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Egg box base


Step 1: Cut out the windows and around the door using a craft knife. Make sure you leave the bottom of the door attached.

Step 2: Fold down the door and glue the separate door piece onto the back, to make it double sided.

Step 3: Punch holes in the front of the castle and in the door (use a push pin with a piece of tack behind, and then extend the hole with a pencil).

Cut two pieces of string (or rope) 6 inches long. Thread them through the front of the castle and through the door and knot each end. This will create a drawbridge.

Step 4: Fold the tabs on the front and back of the castle and attach the sides. You can now place the egg box in the back.

Step 5: Fold the flags in half and glue them on the top of the cocktail sticks.

Step 6: Set the scene.

4 Ways to Enjoy a Knight’s Party

If the castle has made your kids yearn for a knight’s party, then we’ve got lots of ideas for you to make it a party to remember.

1. Party table

Add lots of style with shining silver plates (check out our brilliant silver foil shield shaped plates), they look great hung on the walls as decorations too!) and sparkling candlesticks (for safety, use candles with fake flames).

1. Shield Plates 2. Knights Cake Topper 3. Dragon Stand-Up Card 4. Knights Large Napkins 5. Knights Small Napkins 6. Knights Large Plates 7. Knights Cup
Knights Helmets

2. Party crafts and games

There are some fabulous knight themed crafts and games they’ll love to make and play. We particularly like the teeny tiny catapault make which can be used to fire missiles at castle walls or dragons (which you can make out of cardboard) to knock them down.

Another great game is a trio of challenges to test the knights’ aim, strength and wit. To test their aim, blow bubbles and get them to pop them before they hit the ground (you can give them cardboard swords for this if you want, which you can get them to make first as a craft activity). For their strength challenge, get them each to take a turn to whack a pinata (with a plastic or wooden sword) to see who can burst it open we’ve got fabulous silver foil numbered pinatas that will look fantastic at a knight’s party). For the wit section, get each knight to tell the queen or king (pick an adult at the party) a joke, whomever makes them laugh the loudest is the winner.

3. Dress-up

Transform with our fabulous Dragon Knights’ helmets. For wonderful tips on how to make a sword, shield and tunic go here.

4. Party food and drinks

Create a banquet by serving large platters of food and jugs of drink. Good choices are dragon eggs (add green, blue or red food coloring to the water when boiling boiled eggs), fruit swords (pieces of fruit on wooden skewers), shield sandwiches or pizza (cut into shield shapes, and decorated with small pieces of bell pepper and lunch meat on top to give color and crunch) and cupcakes with knight themed toppers (like our set with silver foil cupcake cases and colorful knights and dragons toppers).

For drinks, if you want a gory touch (which let’s face it, kids love!) why not serve Dragon’s Blood? (simply serve cherryade or mix soda water with some raspberry or cranberry juice).