Summer Sale Dress up

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Kids will love our cloud costume, a fabulous girls costume with a blue organza dress with a green tulle layered skirt.
$ 1,925.00$ 963.00
Appliqué Wings & Headband
$ 1,190.00$ 595.00
Our kids cape is crafted from tulle with tulle flower embellishments.
$ 1,190.00$ 1,012.00
Our pointed hat, crafted from blue velvet, is ideal to add to a witch costume or to wear for dressing up all year.
$ 788.00$ 665.00
Our sun headdress is crafted from a glitter fabric and felt, with a padded filling for a fabulous 3D effect.
$ 665.00$ 333.00
This beautiful gold lamé Christmas dress for girls is really angelic.
$ 2,100.00$ 1,050.00
Our special witch wand and witch velvet cape set is a fabulous Halloween gift.
$ 1,663.00$ 1,164.00
Pom Pom Collar Cape
$ 1,190.00$ 595.00
Our Easter costume, a set of bunny ears and tail, is made from plush fabric and presented in a gingham bag.
$ 613.00$ 508.00