Pirate's Bounty Complete Party Bundle


Ahoy me hearties! Our swashbuckling bundle of Pirates Bounty party products, for 8 guests, will make any pirate party a seaworthy success...and you'll get a treasure trove of brilliant freebies too! (temporary tattoos and a tablecloth).

The bundle contains fabulous tableware including plates, cups and napkins and a magnificent "Ahoy There" tablecloth. Guests will love to wear the Pirates Bounty party hats, make a noise with the Pirate blowers and pop the confetti cannons. Hungry pirates will be delighted with cupcakes made with the fantastic cupcake kit, which includes striped cases and beautifully illustrated pirate, parrot and skull and crossbones toppers. Transform the party room into a pirate playground with the brilliant garlands. Finally, let your guests swagger off home with a gleaming skull and crossbones party bag, into which you've added some terrific temporary tattoos.

Each bundle contains:
A set of 8 Pirates Bounty Plates 
A set of 8 Pirates Bounty Party Cups 
A set of 16 Pirate Parrot Napkins 
A set of 8 Pirates Bounty Party Hats 
A Pirates Bounty Cupcake Kit
8 Pirate Party Blowers
A Pirate Mini Garland
A Pirates Bounty Garland
A set of 8 Pirates Bounty Party Bags
FREEBIE - 8 Skull & Ahoy Temporary Tattoos
FREEBIE - An "Ahoy There" Pirate Tablecloth


SKU: 205714