Let's be Mermaids Complete Party Bundle

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Little people just love the magical beauty, shimmer and shine of mermaids. To help you create the most spectacular mermaid party ever, we've put together a sensational set of tableware, room decoration and party bags for 8 guests - and you'll get 8 free mermaid brooch sets too, perfect as party bag gifts for your guests!
For the table, there are beautiful mermaid and pretty shells plates and napkins and gorgeous iridescent party cups. Decorate the room with the amazing garland, featuring 2 pretty mermaids, shells and starfish and the words "Let's Be Mermaids". Delight little mermaids with shell party bags, in which you can include a set of pretty embroidered mermaid brooches. 

Each bundle contains:
A set of 8 large Mermaid Plates
A set of 8 small Shell Plates
A set of 16 large Lets Be Mermaids Napkins
A set of 16 small Shell Napkins
A set of 8 Iridescent Party Cups
A set of 8 Shell Party Bags 
A "Lets Be Mermaids" Garland
FREEBIE - 8 Mermaid Brooch sets 

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