Unicorn Piñata Favor


We believe in unicorns, especially this iridescent, pink and shiny little one! If you’re planning a unicorn themed party, these are the perfect unicorn party favors for guests to take away. A Meri Meri mini unicorn piñata makes a gorgeous gift, complete with colorful confetti and two temporary tattoos inside of its shimmering fringing and golden horn. Hang as decor, place on the table or present in party bags and watch your guests faces beam in delight when they open up the surprise inside.

Unicorn Piñata Favor Product Details

Neon tassel & gold foil detail
Contains confetti & 2 temporary tattoos
Room for additional treats
Size: 100mm x 115mm x 32mm
Pack size: 120mm x 130mm x 35mm

SKU: 167824