New Socks on the Block

Socks are essential to keep little feet cosy and comfortable, but who says they have to be boring? We don’t, which is why we’ve created a fabulous kids’ range!

But, hold on....when you’ve got new socks what should you do with the old ones? Especially if you’ve got odd socks with no matching partner. We’ve investigated fabulous upcycling sock craft ideas for you and your kids to enjoy AND we’ve created an amazing step by step flamingo sock puppet for you to make, with a video to watch. Once you’ve created the puppets put on a puppet show – perfect for hours of entertainment at home.

Super socks for super kids

Our sock range, featuring gorgeous glitter details and amazing embellishments, has lots of on-trend designs. Choose from unicorns, zebras, dinosaurs, leopards, cherries, spotty dogs, flamingos, bunnies and ice-creams. All our socks come with a packet of fun stickers!

See our Kids Socks Collection

Eight sensational sock makes

Sock puppets and toys, there’s so much you can do with old and odd socks!
Here are our favorites:

1. Flamingo sock puppet

Designed especially for you by the talented Meri Meri creative team! You’ll need scissors, a sock, googly eyes, glittered fabric, black felt, glue gun and fringed feathers (optional). Click here for the Meri Meri template and see how to video above.

2. Gorgeous giraffe sock puppet

With fantastic ears and pompom topped horns (or ossicones as they’re actually known – yes, that’s a new word for us too!). You’ll need a sock, brown pipe cleaner, two brown pompoms, two googly eyes, brown and black paint, paint brush, glue gun and wire clippers. Click here for the full instructions.

3. Slithery snake sock puppet

With big eyes and flowing yarn hair. Make this effective toy from a sock, two ping pong balls for eyes, two small buttons for nostrils, red felt fabric for a cheeky tongue, wool for the hair, a sewing needle and thread, scissors and glue. Go here for more details.

4. Dastardly dragon sock puppet

With fiery breath and wonderful wings. You’ll need a sock, felt, glue and scissors – easy-to-make but with excellent results! Check out the instructions here, with a free pattern.

5. Cheeky dog sock puppet

Super cute and full of fun. It takes just 20 minutes to make! You’ll need a sock, felt, googly eyes, craft glue and glue sticks and scissors. For details see here.

6. Silly sock octopus toy

A fabulous toy with dangly, bendy limbs. For this you’ll need a sock, string, stuffing, felt, glue and pipe cleaners. Click here for instructions.

7. Sock pets, which sprout grass ‘hair’

This will keep the kids entertained for weeks! (they might even need a ‘haircut’ after a while) You’ll need a sock, plastic cup, potting soil, grass seed, felt scraps and glue. The aim is to decorate the sock with a felt face, fill the toe of the sock with grass seeds, add potting soil, water and wait for the grass ‘hairstyle’ to grow. For more details, click here.

8. Sock bean bags

Perfect for throwing games. You will need socks, scissors, rice or dried beans for the filling, a needle and thread. Click here to find out how to make them.

For more inspiration check out the books Make Your Own Sock Puppets by Diana Schoenbrun and Stray Sock Sewing by Dan Ta.