The Great (at home) Talent Show

Kids getting bored? Why not challenge them to put on a talent show for the whole family to enjoy? They can create amazing costumes, fabulous accessories and learn new skills all at the same time. And, you can livestream it to granny and grandad so they can join in the fun! Our designers have created a fantastic stick unicorn for them to make – perfect for galloping on stage as a circus or mystical act. We’ve also got lots of talent show ideas to share. 

Girl wearing Rainbow Tulle Ruffle Caplet & Ruffle Tutu


Make a Stick Unicorn

Kids love unicorns and they will adore this special Meri Meri designed stick unicorn, crafted from paper.  It has a sweet face, gorgeous purple fringe and a beautiful rainbow colored mane. Here’s how to make it - you will need plain paper, purple tissue paper, scissors, glue and a wooden pole. Click here for the template.






Step 1. Print and cut out all the pieces.



Step 2. Glue the two halves of the head together, remember to leave a gap for the stick.


Step 3. Make the purple fringe.


Step 4. Attach the fringe and the horn.


Step 5. Attach the mane and the ears



Create a stage

No talent show would be complete without a stage for the performers. If putting the show on in the house, line up chairs in the sitting room for the audience. If putting the show on in the garden, use dining table chairs or garden chairs for your audience. Provide a backdrop made from sheets attached to poles, you could place them like a circus tent. Add lots of colorful garlands, paper streamers and balloons as decorations.

1.Singing sensation.

Let them light up the stage with their voices. Play tracks for them to sing along to and you create karaoke cards to hold up for them to see the words. Our favorite sing-along songs for kids are If You’re Happy And You Know It, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Under The Sea (from The Little Mermaid), Can You Feel The Love Tonight (from The Lion King) and The Bare Necessities (from The Jungle Book).

2.Dress up drama.

Little people love to dress up, whether in a bought costume or one they’ve created themselves. Get them to invent a whole persona to go with their costume, that they can act out. For example, if they’re a shark they could set the stage with under the sea props and pretend to swim in the sea, gobbling up little fish and looking for friends to dive with.

3. Play recital.

Get the kids to act out a short play – one they’ve written themselves or one that has already been produced. Click here for free play scripts for kids like Little Women or Peter Pan.

4.Circus acts

Performing a new skill will be fun to do and watch, like hula hooping, juggling or riding a stick horse. Click here to learn a great hula hooping technique – it’s all about rocking backwards and forwards rhythmically, and here you can learn how to juggle, as taught by a Guinness World Records winner.

5. Dance up a storm

Expression through movement can be powerful. Get your kids to create a dance, set to their favorite music. Or they might want to investigate, and then practise and perform, dances from around the world like Salsa from South America, Kozachok from Russia (where dancers squat and kick their legs up) or Bollywood dancing from India.

Don’t forget to set up a refreshment table to serve delicious snacks and drinks – the performers and their audience will get hungry and thirsty. We’ve got a wonderful range of Circus parade party supplies and also Unicorns.