Thanks for Thanksgiving

We all know the turkey is a key party of Thanksgiving celebrations, but fun family time together is also a must! Crackers are a brilliant way to get the party going – check out our range. We’re also delighted to share the most yummy Thanksgiving sides and leftover tips, and a few of our favorite Thanksgiving jokes!

Glittered Leaf Small Crackers, Pilgrim Settler Crackers, Feather Turkey Crackers

Cracking crackers

Not just for Christmas, they look fabulous on the Thanksgiving table too, along with a gorgeous plate, place card and napkin. Choose from our Pilgrim crackers, with traditional designs, or our funky Turkey Crackers with a bright tail feather and orange cord legs. Each contains a party hat, gift (the Pilgrim crackers have a wonderful wooden keyring) and joke. We also have a great range of Thanksgiving place cards and tableware to go with them.

Mouth-watering Thanksgiving sides to try

Looking for inspiration for side dishes to serve with the turkey? Here’s 5 that look and taste incredible - we wish it could be Thanksgiving everyday!

Leftover tips

Most of us make too much food for the Thanksgiving celebrations, so it’s a pleasure to give friends and family leftovers to take home. Why not get your kids to design fabulous leftover bags and boxes to make them even more of a treat? We recommend using lots of decorations for a brilliant look. Check out our glittery stars and mini sticker rolls. You can also add in some turkey leftover recipe cards to inspire everyone. Again, your kids can help you write and decorate these. Yummy ones to include are:

Best Thanksgiving jokes

Our crackers are full of fabulous jokes, but if you want to keep the laughter going for longer then take turns to tell more jokes. You can write them on cards and pass them around the table. Here are two of our favorites:

"Why didn’t the turkey bake properly at Thanksgiving? I have no idea, but I suspect fowl play!"

"Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving band perform? Someone ate the drumsticks!"

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