Children adore slumber parties - the perfect chance to stay up late and have a fun time with their friends. How about kicking things up a notch and having an indoor camping adventure? This will make a fantastic girl or boy’s birthday party to remember. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Put up ‘homes’ for the party people to snuggle into. It’s a natural human instinct to seek shelter at night-time, so they will love that you are giving them their own special places to feel protected and cosy. Set up tents or make some tipis with wooden poles, ropes, blankets and pegs. See here for an easy step-by-step video.

For extra effect drape them with colorful garlands, see our wide collection of gorgeous ones here.

You can also add a cheery touch to the room with lots of balloons. We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes, including balloons filled with confetti, magical unicorns, cheeky crocodiles and adorable forest animals, see here Decorations will help add ambience as well, like our pretty Pajaki inspired chandeliers.
 If the youngsters want their favorite dolls and soft toys to join in the party, don’t forget to create some mini tipis for them too!

2. Give the comfort factor. Provide lots of warm blankets and sumptuous cushions – indoor camping shouldn’t be about roughing it! Check out our amazing range of soft velvet and knitted cotton cushions, beautiful to look at and even nicer to cuddle. Featuring a sensational swan, toadstool, cherries, stars, moon, cloud, cat, dog, bunny, funky pineapple and more.

3. Sort out delicious night-time snacks. It’s tempting to give cakes and candy, but we all know sugar stokes up energy and the last thing you want is guests too bouncy to go to bed! If their tummies are rumbling, present treats that look yummy and are sneakily low-sugar and healthy. How about giving snacks really cool names to make them even more enticing? Who could refuse fruit drinks called Snow White Smoothies, or fruit kebabs called Rainbow Sticks?  Click here for more ideas and here 

Looking for party paper plates, serviettes and cups? We’ve got a wide range of terrific tableware for boys and girls. If you want to stick to a camping theme, then you’ll love our Let’s Explore range, see here 

4.Have a selection of good books for your guests to read, or audio books for them to listen to, whilst they relax. We like Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls and Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different by Ben Brooks.   

Or, you might allow them to wind down in front of a movie. Here’s a selection of classic children’s films they’ll love to watch: Bedknobs and Broomsticks; The Wizard of Oz; The Lion King; The Muppet Movie; Mary Poppins; My Neighbor Totoro; The Jungle Book; Peter Pan; Snow White and The Seven Dwarves and Annie. 

5. Last, but not least, have some clever tricks ready for when it’s time for the happy campers to go to sleep, as they may need some encouragement! We suggest spritzing the room with a lavender aromatherapy mist, renowned for helping to induce the snooze factor, and playing relaxing music to help send them off to the land of dreams. Check out our Meri Meri Spotify selection of soothing tunes, especially created for you.