Choose the perfect doll for your child

Plastic dolls simply don’t have the same feel appeal and encourage an enduring friendship like a traditional cloth doll can. So, give the gift of a Meri Meri calico doll that will create a bond to last for years and years! Our doll family has grown, we now have six beautifully designed creations, who just can’t wait to meet your children.

They are all so gorgeous, with sweet embroidered features and stylish outfits and accessories, that you may find it hard to know which to choose. However, all our dolls have different, charming characteristics, so why not match one to your child’s personality and likes? 



Adores bunny rabbits, thinks candy is amazing and loves playing traditional games with their friends? Alice will be a brilliant new companion for them. She likes playing hopscotch, munching on sugared almonds and growing vegetables.

She has pretty pink yarn hair, in sweet long plaits, adorned with a floral bunny ears headband, and wears a lovely yellow gingham dress. Alice will make the perfect gift for Easter or any special birthday!



An artist, loves sand and the sea side and enjoys adventures in nature? Lila will be their perfect playmate. She likes to draw, make sand castles and go for walks in the forest. She has plaited brown yarn hair and looks sensational in a yellow and white stripy top and a mint green netted confetti skirt.



A creator of yummy treats, likes to read and read some more, then go scampering up hills in the great outdoors? Ruby can’t wait to meet them. She enjoys baking, reading and climbing mountains. Ruby has beautiful black plaited yarn hair and looks elegant in a striped blue top and pink netted tutu.



Enjoys diving in the ocean, blowing bubbles and kicking off their shoes to walk in their bare feet? Matilda will be a fabulous friend for them. She loves to swim in the sea, make soap bubbles and walk barefoot in the grass. She has pretty pink plaited yarn hair and is dressed in a green and white stripy top and a wonderful white netted confetti tutu skirt.



Crazy about water, likes listening to music, and making and wearing pretty accessories? Tallulah, the Hula Doll, will be a great match. She likes to strum the ukulele, make bracelets and paddle a canoe. She is outfitted in a gorgeous flowery crop top and bottom, with a green raffia skirt. Tallulah’s long brown yarn hair is accessorized with a floral hairclip, and you can just imagine her creating sweet music with her little toy ukulele.



Loves to watch rainbows and kites soaring up above, enjoys garden games, does imaginative chalk drawings and waves magic wands? Mia, the Rainbow Doll, will be a special addition to their life. She likes to jump through water sprinklers, fly kites and drawing with chalk. Mia is outfitted in a beautiful dress embellished with a rainbow design, has a glittering hair clip and a sweet sun wand for casting happy spells.


All our dolls come with fun fact cards which list all their interests and their best friends. They can all be easily re-outfitted in any of our dress-up kits, to give a fantastic new look in seconds.  And we have many of the same outfits in child size too, so they and their dolly friend can match!