Little Worlds

Children just love small toys – perhaps it’s because their little fingers find them easy to play with. So, we’re delighted to tell you about our fabulous new mini fabric dolls and their accessories, which all come with sensational small suitcases. To keep up with the mini theme, we’ve also got some great finger food ideas for your youngsters to enjoy at tea parties with their toys and friends.

Marvelous mini fabric dolls

Our amazing new mini toys for kids, made from soft cotton, are perfect for girls and boys to play with at home, or on their travels. There’s something to suit every imagination, with  unicorns, mermaids, pirates, astronauts and beautiful dolls.

Mini MatildaRuby and Lila

Delightful dolls to make friends with. Mini Matilda, Ruby and Lila are all stylishly dressed with tulle skirts. They each come in suitcases designed to look like happy homes, and all have soft pillows and quilts for comfy night-times.

Mini Unicorn Suitcase

Unicorns are cool! Inside our remarkable rainbow suitcase is a stunning unicorn with colorful yarn mane and tail, shiny gold horn and embroidered features. The set also features a wonderful white velvet cloud sleeping bag for a tired unicorn to rest in.

Mini Mermaid Suitcase

Mermaids are fantastic. Open the shimmering scallop shell designed suitcase to discover a mermaid with her gorgeous gold tail. She comes with a pink scallop shell quilt and silver pillow for soothing dreams.

Mini Pirate Suitcase

For swashbuckling pirate play. Take the pirate out of his ship-illustrated suitcase to help him sail the seven seas. He comes with a removable pirate hat and shiny sword and has a skull and crossbones quilt.

Mini Astronaut Suitcase

Space exploring astronauts. The astronaut likes to bravely travel to the stars and, in between journeys, rests in his spectacular spaceship-illustrated suitcase. He comes with a removable helmet and jet pack.

5 Party finger foods that look fantastic

1. Pretty flower open sandwiches.

Cut brown or white bread into floral shapes. Cookie cutters are a really helpful tool for creating small portions in delightful designs, check out our flower cutters here. Spread with cream cheese, then place on thin slices of cucumber or green peppers for the leaves, and red and yellow pepper slices for the petals. 

2. Mini hotdogs.

Wrap cocktail sausages in puff pastry, so the ends of the sausages are sticking out, and cook until done.

3. Tiny traffic lights.

Cut celery sticks into 3-inch slices. Cut out small circles from red, green and yellow bell peppers. Fill the celery slices with cream cheese or egg mayonnaise and pop a small red, green, and yellow pepper circle on each.

4. Veggies and dip.

Add spoonfuls of hummus, guacamole or sour cream into cupcake cases (see our range here)  and put small, thin carrot and celery crudites into each.

5. Little fruit racing cars.

Cut red and green apples into slices, leaving the skin on. Hold the slices, with the skin on the top, and place red and green grapes, cut in half, as two ‘wheels’ on the back and front of either side of each slice (secure with thin carrot stick ‘spokes’ to hold the ‘wheels’ on).