10 easy ways to create a fun and stylish space for children


Sleeping beauty

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up under a canopy of stars or slumber beneath rainbows? One of the simplest tricks to updating a child’s room is beautiful bedding. Featuring eye-catching prints in soft organic cotton, our bed linen is made to mix and match – layer different patterns for a playfully chic effect.



I believe

Give your children unlimited access to an imaginary world by installing a ‘dress up’ box in their play area or room. A vintage-style suitcase or trunk looks particularly pretty. Simply add costumes and accessories from our fancy dress range and let the magic unfold.



Soft Touch

Playful cushions are an instant way to lend personality to a bed, chair or reading corner. Whether you choose an elegant velvet swan or a whimsical toadstool, don’t miss our charming collection. Group several standout styles together for a statement look or make a feature of just one – our color-pop cherries look particularly sweet hung from a wall hook. 



Closet Case

Make a feature out of your children’s special clothes and accessories. Whether it is knitted romper or a beautiful party dress, putting their favorite outfits on display is a unique way to personalize a room. Peg them to colored string or hang them on our spotted giraffe or unicorn hangers for a quirky finish.



Festive Feeling

Make everyday a party with a colorful garland. Not just for celebrations, our bright decorations can be strung from wall to wall to inject a cheerful spin to your child’s room. From classic knitted flags to twinkling stars, they’ll add an uplifting touch. Just secure them high enough so that little hands can’t tug them down. 




Neat and Tidy

As every parent knows, storage is key to keeping mess to a minimum. Pretty and practical, keep chaos under control in style with our tassel-embellished sea-grass baskets and colorful suitcase sets.



Toy Story

No child’s room is complete without toys, and our knitted soft animals and dollies are as cute as they come. Put them on display so your child always has a special friend close by to cuddle.




Look Up

From rainbows to stars to feather-trimmed dream catchers, a mobile is both enchanting and eye-catching. Hang it at a focal point in the room, where you want to draw attention.


Fit to Print

Make your child’s room a space they truly love by incorporating their favorite things in the décor. Whether they are obsessed with dinosaurs or wild about unicorns, prints and wall hangings offer an easy way to reflect your child’s latest craze.



Good Foundations

Furniture is the foundation of a room. For a unique look that is also eco-friendly, consider upcycling vintage pieces. Transform a mid-century sideboard into a toy cupboard or an armoire into a wardrobe. Colorful stools are also a fun addition. Not only will striking furniture add eclectic edge to a space, it can adapt it to your child’s needs, meaning they will never outgrow it.