Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Making snow angels is so much fun. But, what if there is no snow?
Or it’s too cold outside? Or you don’t want your little ones to get their special Christmas outfits wet? Inside snow to the rescue! Yes, it’s messy – but that’s a huge part of the appeal (just get your children to promise they’ll help you to tidy up afterwards!)  

Here’s our favorite fake snow recipe, from www.kidsplayandcreate.com

  1.  Put a plastic sheet on the kitchen table. Put on an apron. 

  2. Pour out one cup of baking soda.

  3. Ask the men in your family for their shaving cream. Be honest and admit they might not get much back! If they moan nip to the shops and get some inexpensive shaving cream.

  4. Get a big bowl and pour in the baking soda. Add the shaving cream slowly – resist the temptation to make a shaving cream mountain - until you get the ‘snow’ consistency that you like. This recipe is brilliant as the fake snow stays cool to the touch and has a lovely powdery feel. Plus, it’ll smell fantastic!

  5. Put a plastic sheet on the floor. Get your children to change into their favorite angel costumes. Pour the ‘snow’ onto the sheet. Get everyone to take turns to lie down and make brilliant snow angels.

  6. Take lots of photographs – you might even fool their friends that it’s snowing where you live or, if it is white outside, pretend that they are brave enough to venture outdoors without their woolly hats on!

  7. Tidy up!