Create the best knight party in all the realm

If you’re looking for birthday party themes for boys and girls you can’t go wrong with a medieval event. Little ones will love to dress up as a gallant knight or adventurous princess and ride into battle or enjoy a gallop for the sheer fun of it! Here, just for you, are our favorite tips on how to make a sensational stick horse and create a brilliant celebration fit for a king and queen!

A riding we will go

Where would a knight or fair maiden be without a trusty steed to ride? You can either make a selection of stick horses before the party, or as an excellent craft activity for your guests (and a much-appreciated gift to take home!). If making beforehand, create your masterpieces with fabric

If creating them at the party then paper is easy, yet still effective. You’ll need wooden poles, paper, pens to draw faces, stick-on eyes (googly eyes for giggles), ribbons or tissue paper for manes, scissors, glue and tape. You can also add ribbons or ropes for bridles and reins. But why stick to horses? Dragons and unicorns will be fantastic too! Here’s an example of how to make a paper stick horse and a paper stick unicorn.

Transform the party room into a castle

The little knights and princesses will really get into the party theme if you transform the room to look like a magnificent castle. Try the following:

  • Decorate the walls with shields. You can either make them from paper or hang up our shiny silver shield plates
  • Drape sheepskins and woolen blankets on chairs to conjure up the feeling of the warmth and cosiness of an ancient banqueting hall, and place lots of large candlesticks with candles around (it’s best not to light them for safety’s sake or you can use battery operated flickering flameless candles). Remember, there was no electricity for heating and light back in ye old medieval times!
  • Hang garlands and bunting to show celebrations are afoot. Check out our wide range, particularly the silver glitter flag garland
  • Make and paint some life-sized cardboard cut-outs to place in the room - knights in armor, stately kings and queens with golden crowns and scary dragons are all perfect.
  • Prop large cardboard sheets against the walls, and draw or paint old stonework to give the authentic look of castle walls. You can even paint windows with views to dreamy, snow-capped peaks, or a drawbridge and moat.

Time for a medieval feast

After the fun and games, it’s time to tuck into a birthday banquet! Set the scene with knight themed tableware. See our beautifully illustrated range here. Instead of party hats delight your guests with our noble knight helmets, crafted with colorful tassles! Dish up delicious food fit for a hungry hoard. For extra effect serve dishes with a medieval fantasy theme, like dragon scales (tortilla chips) with fire-breathing salsa, dragons in a blanket (fill croissants with hot dogs and cheese and bake until golden brown), savory knight swords (cube luncheon meats and cheese and arrange on wooden skewers, remember to cut off the tips of the skewers for safety) and royal punch (fruity non-alcoholic drink). Finish with the grand presentation of a marvellous birthday cake. Don’t want to spend ages icing? Then use our wonderful cake topper featuring a knight in armor holding a gleaming shield and embellished flags.

After the feasting has finished, it’s time for the little ones to slowly trot off home, clutching their homemade steeds and party bags…giving you a whole year (or at least a few weeks) to dream up another successful party…