Fun pumpkin display

It’s almost here - the scariest night of the year. Get ready to scream and shiver. Run for your lives, the monsters are coming, it’s nearly Halloween! But even monsters like stylish decorations, so why not dust the cobwebs off your glue and glitter and make an extra special Halloween centre-piece? This one has been designed by our in-house team of glitter ghosts, so you can treat your trickers to a fun pumpkin display - Meri Meri style!

We like to choose a variety of shapes and sizes for our pumpkins - it adds to the effect. Choose big ones, small ones, even funny-shaped ones. Then take out your spray paints and cover each pumpkin in a favorite color. We were in the mood for metallic pinks and golds this time, but blues, greens or silvers would be equally haunting. Match your glitters to each pumpkin’s shade, creating texture by using different types. To help it stick, we covered the tops of the pumpkins with glitter while the paint was still wet, but you could use spray mount or other adhesive if you prefer the paint to dry first.

That’s all there is to it, a super simple way to make stylish Halloween decorations. The secret is to choose a palette of stunning colors to make your designer-monsters swoon!