Fantastic Flamingos

Flamingos are trendy, fun and oh so colorful – perfect for a party theme for a child (or adult) who likes a flamboyant celebration!

Fly a flamingo costume.

Tell your guests the party dress code is all about fantastic flamingo fashion - wearing pinks, corals and tropical shirts or dresses with flamingos. And don’t forget pink or orange pants or pantyhose to make legs look flamingo-like! Or, for a really sensational look, you could create or buy a flamingo costume (check this one) with a headpiece and beautiful wings.

Create a party room paradise.

Set the scene for your flamingo party by transforming the room into a tropical paradise. Use lots of palm leaves (real or fake) and plenty of flower garlands. If you can get model or inflatable flamingos from a garden center or online even better – or get your creative groove on and make some out of paper mache or paper! Check out this helpful video.

Flamingo party games.

Why not organize a flamingo-themed treasure hunt? Simply hide lots of pink objects around the house and garden. Give each guest a bag or basket and whoever finds the pinkest objects within a time limit wins! Flamingos are well known for balancing on one leg, so how about a flamingo hopping or balancing competition to see who can hop the furthest or balance the longest? Taking turns to hit a flamingo shaped pinata is also a brilliant game for your guests – pack it with lots of pink treats and gifts.

Pink food perfection.

Guests will love yummy pink foods, presented on flamingo-themed tableware. Great party food ideas are pink cupcakes; pink cookies; pink macarons, pink ice-cream and pink candies like bonbons, swirl lollipops and pink chocolate. Did we mention pink?! For savory options, have tubs of taramasalata with breadsticks and veg crudites, crackers spread with pate, and sandwiches made with ham and salami. Serve delicious pink drinks too, like pink grapefruit juice or pink lemonade and, for adults, try pink gin or rose wine.

Flamingo party bags.

Give your guests a fabulous flamingo themed party bag to keep them entertained and happy long after the party has finished. Fill with pink candies, flamingo accessories including necklaces or hair slides; flamingo stickers and flamingo temporary tattoos.


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