Eco Party Essentials

If you want to throw a party with minimal waste, here are our 3 top tips  – perfect for kids’ birthday parties.

Food, food and more food.

Most of us over-cater as nobody wants to see their guests go hungry. Inevitably there are always lots of leftovers. A great idea is not to put all the food out at once. Keep it in the fridge and just refill plates as needed. This way you could end up with leftover food in your fridge that will be perfect for the kids’ and adults’ lunchboxes. You know how dads just love little party sandwiches for their working lunches!

To treat, or not to treat, that is the question. 

And the answer is – treat, always! But, instead of packing party bags with plastic goodies (boo!), get the kids to make some cookies (yum!). Personalize the bags with a special thank you message inside, or you can even do this in icing, if you’re feeling brave. Try these messages for size: 

“You’re partytastic!”
“May the fun be with you”

“Keep dancing dude-ling”

Trash savvy tots.

At the end of a party it’s too easy to put all the trash into one big pile as you’ll be totally tired and want to tidy in a hurry. Instead ask a few little people to be your ‘clean up buddies’ and make sure you’ve designated boxes to divide paper and food waste to make tidying easier. You can decorate the boxes to match your party look – think ribbons and bows (reusable of course). Everything will be tidy in no time and you’ll be teaching the kids that recycling is fun. 

Introducing our fabulous new eco plates collection.

The Meri Meri party boffins have been working on a new range of plates using an eco-conscious manufacturing process. The result is these beautiful designs, perfect for summer, spring, fall, winter, and well, we need to create some new seasons in-between, just so we can keep using them! Carefully crafted from bamboo, wood fiber and sugarcane pulp, and beautifully colored using soy dyes, these super-stylish plates have elegant molded curves and stunning scalloped edges. They’re available in large or small sizes and come in packs of 8.

Shop the collection here