Birthday Balloon Inspiration and Ideas

Balloons are the perfect guest for any kids’ birthday party! Check out these amazing ideas to bring your next birthday party theme to life. 

Giant Confetti Balloon Showstopper

For the ultimate birthday party, you'll need to pull out all the stops which  is easy to achieve with the use of some colorful giant confetti balloons! Not only will they jazz up any kids’ birthday party, but they’ll add a touch of sparkle and shine.


From splashes of neon to silver and gold, there is something for both kids and adults to enjoy with these glamorous confetti-filled balloons.

Blow a few puffs of air into the balloons then finish with a handy helium machine. Once fully inflated tie a knot to secure the confetti balloon and rub the balloon on your clothing to mix it all up. Then get decorating.

When the party is coming to an end and these confetti-filled balloons are popped, guess what? It'll be raining confetti!

Party Games

If you’re looking for some fun party activities, look no further than handy balloon kits for the little ones to create once the party is in full swing.

For nature lovers, try this super cute forest animals balloon kit, and for a sprinkling of magic, these pastel unicorns will go down a treat and provide the perfect friend to take home.


How to Make a Balloon Arch

For the most magical entrance to your birthday celebration, why not create a balloon arch that your special guests  can enter through?You could use a variety of colours to match your birthday party theme, highlight the age of the birthday girl or boy with the use of some fancy number balloons or try the mixed star balloons.

Just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Sketch your balloon design, then tie a long piece of fishing line or string to a balloon weight. Wrap the end of the fishing line around the handle and tie a knot.
  2. Inflate your first party balloon with a helium tank and then tie off.
  3. Tie the line to the balloon.
  4. Continue blowing up your party balloons and tying them to the line. For a full looking arch, keep them close together!

Weight down the other end of the string by repeating step 1.