A romantic party for little diners.

Why should just adults have a wonderful Valentine’s Day party? Kids will also want to celebrate this day with their friends. We’ve got lots of ideas on how to have a Valentine’s party little people will adore. To keep their interest up before their meal, why not try our fabulous love note make? (Or you could have a craft session a few days before the party, so the kids can give their love notes out on Valentine’s Day).

Plan for a lovely party

Even though the kids are just celebrating love for their friends and family, you can still go to town by decorating the party room with lots of heart decorations! Think garlands, balloons with heart shapes and heart shaped cushions.

1. Heart Party Piñata, 2. Piñata Hearts Cupcake Kit, 3. Pink Tassel Garland,
4. Tissue Hearts Garland, 5. Heart Confetti Box

Create a most heartfelt love note

It’s a great idea to start the party with a craft session, so the kids have something amazing to keep them busy. Our talented designers have created a fabulous on-trend fringed Valentine’s Day love note make for them (and adults might want to make one too!). Why not do the craft session on the party table, simply use a paper or wipe-clean tablecloth, then turn the cloth over after doing the session before you set the table for their meal?  The kids can then either swap their notes with each other, give them to family or drop them off with a special someone on their way home!

Watch our step-by-step love note make video.
Here’s a link to the template you will need.

Set the table with love

Heart-shaped tableware in pastel colors mixed with shimmering gold touches will look fabulous. Vases of roses, and scattered rose petals, will also add a really sensational touch. As with the party decoration, don’t hold back on adding heart shapes to the table. Bowls of candy and party favors are a great choice. Instead of placing name cards on the table, why not spell your guests’ names out in gold alphabet letters, neatly placed on the tablecloth or on card?

Romantic music to sing and swoon to

All good parties should have a brilliant playlist. Play a soundtrack with romantic songs from popular kid’s films and television programs. We’ve created one just for you – click here for Meri Meri Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party Soundtrack.

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