6 Ways To Make Back to School Fun!

After a summer of jam-packed adventure, it’s nearly time to head back to school. Brand new school supplies, reuniting with old friends and some well-earned peace for Mom and Dad... Here’s 6 ideas to inject some excitement into the process.  

1. Pack their bag together  

Make packing a special activity you can do together. Gather the necessary essentials (plus a few new gifts to unwrap) and tick them off a big ‘back-to-school checklist’. On the list could be fun school supplies and stickers, hand sanitizer, a stress ball or Poppit, a few dollars for the vending machine or an encouraging note from Mom or Dad. You could even swap the regulation book bag for a cute backpack: our friendly turtle or floral sequin designs will send them back with a smile!  

Sequin Flower Mesh Backpack

2. Mark the moment!

The start of each new school year is momentous. Use one of our letter garlands to spell out a message of encouragement and ring in the new school year. It provides the perfect photo opportunity for the family album too. Get that picture while those new shoes are still shiny! 

3. Be ‘with them’ all day  

If your little one suffers from homesickness, give them a lucky charm to take as a comforting reminder of home. A smiling sunshine patch on their clothes or a protective dino pin on their bag can be a reminder that you’re always with them - whatever the day brings. 

4. School Lunch Surprise  

Use cookie cutters to shape their sandwiches into imaginative creatures: cheesy dinosaurs, peanut butter unicorns or jam bunnies will be a delicious conversation starter at lunchtime. You could also trade their lunchbox for one of our special mini suitcases: who wouldn’t want to eat lunch out of a rainbow?! 

Weather Cookie Cutters

Dino Cookie Cutters

5. School Supplies for Cool Kids

There’s nothing better than that new school supplies feeling, especially when it’s as cute as this... Treat them to notebooks in imaginative shapes like cheetahs, unicorns and sausage dogs, or fill their pencil case with paper clips decorated with fruity pom poms and tassel-tailed unicorns. Stickers are always a hit in the classroom: choose from glittery alphabet letters or fun winking hearts and ice cream designs. 

6. Create a Calming Home Fort

Anybody who’s ever picked up a tired kid from school knows they need some downtime to unwind. The first week back might be particularly tiring, so why not create a special place for them to relax at the end of the day. This could be as simple as a cozy fort with soothing colors, comfy cushions, a calming coloring activity and a healthy snack.  

Make a Picture Frame

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