Make your own yummy gold medals

Step 1 – Cut a length of ribbon, long enough for your medal to hang around your neck

Step 2 – Using a sticky dot, attach both ends of your ribbon to the back of a large chocolate coin

Step 3 – Decorate with your favourite Meri Meri toppers and then you’re good to go!

1 – Meri Meri ‘Going for Gold’ Cupcake Kit – click here to buy

2 – Make your very own gold medals – Just follow our really easy 3 step guide

3 – Add a bit of sparkle to your olympics party with these edible gold torches – follow our recipe here

4 – Work by illustrator Dieter Braun – click here to view more of his lovely work

5 – Yummy olympics cakes – baked in our Meri Meri cases (and very much enjoyed by everyone in the studio!)